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McDonald County Detention Center
Inmates may be sent mail to:
Inmates Name
c/o McDonald County
PO Box 68
Pineville, MO  64856

Inmates are allowed visitation on Saturday
Male Inmates from 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Female Inmates from 1:30 pm - 3 pm

Each Pod will have a set times for visits they are first come, first serve.

We will not be able to accommodate more than two visitors per inmate during this time. Only the visitors scheduled during the visitation time will be allowed in the building all other visitors will need to wait outside until their scheduled time.

A visit may be denied or terminated and visiting privileges suspended under the following circumstances:

  1. Visitor(s) that appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  2. Refusal or failure to produce sufficient identification (ordinarily picture ID)
  3. Failure to prevent children from disturbing other people.
  4. Inappropriate display of affection, suggestive activity, or inappropriate dress.
  5. A visitor with visible body markings or jewelry that by its nature would promote or cause adverse reactions because of racial, ethnic, or religious beliefs will not be permitted to remain in the Jail’s general public area, inside or outside of the jail.
  6. Dress that excites the senses; transparent clothing, exposed breasts, and exposed genitalia is not appropriate and not allowed for visitors.
  7. Other conduct of conditions deemed by the Jail Staff as disruptive to the security or orderly operation of the visitation process.

Any questions about the Jail can be emailed to jail@mcdonaldcountysheriff.com

If you would like to setup a phone account, you may contact
CityTeleCoin at http://www.citytelecoin.com or at 800-682-0707


To order commissary you go to the same City TeleCoin web site: www.citytelecoin.com and click on the
Commissary Deposit link. This will prompt you to deposit money for an Inmate to purchase commissary,
our allow commissary to be ordered for an inmate.
This is a privilege and may be suspended or revoked at any time without notification.

Non-legal/non-governmental correspondence is accepted in the form of postcards. This practice provides a safer, contraband-free environment for both inmates and detention staff. All postcards not meeting the standards listed below will be returned to sender.

Related requirements are as follows:

  • Postcards may be no larger than 4.25 inches by 6 inches and must be properly addressed; must contain the sender’s name/return address and the inmate’s name (and preferably) cell assignment in addition to the McDonald County Detention Center address listed below.
  • Metered post cards are preferred and will generally be delivered unaltered; stamped mail will have the stamps removed which will likely damage some portion of the postcard.
Postcards containing stickers, adhesive labels, watermarks, stains, lipstick, and/or any other suspect alteration/adulteration will be returned to sender.
You can view the inmate roster by clicking the button below:
McDonald County Sheriff's Office © 2014300 East 7th Street | PO Box 68 | Pineville, Missouri 64856 | 417-223-4319